2nd Cypriot Italian Business Forum. Focus on Energy Transition and Italy Cyprus Cooperation Opportunities.

It was held on 13 December in Rome at the prestigious office of Tonucci & Partners Law Firm the 2nd Cypriot Italian Business Forum that had as focus this year the Energy Transition and the Opportunities of Italy-Cyprus Cooperation in the area.

The event, organized in collaboration with Tonucci & Partners with the patronage of the Embassy of Cyprus in Italy saw the participation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Italy His Excellency Minas Hadjimichael and, representing the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr. Nicola Bazzani, Deputy of the III Energy Office of the Directorate General for Global Issues of the same Ministry.

The works, moderated by Giuseppe Mongiello, Partner of Tonucci & Partners, after the introduction greetings from Mario Tonucci, Managing Director of Tonucci & Partners, by Giuseppe Marino, President of the Italo Cypriot Chamber of Commerce whose recognition by the Italian government was officially announced right in that occasion and the two representatives of the institutions present, continued with an interesting Round Table moderated by the journalist Lao Petrilli.

Of particular value was the parterre which, after viewing the presentation curated by Davide Tabarelli of Nomisma Energia, has seen the succession of institutional speeches by Michael Andreou, Secretary and Board Member of DEFA (CYGAS), Natural Gas Public Company of Cyprus, by Andreas Koutsolides, Commercial Manager of CHC (Cyprus Hidrocarbons Company) and Alberto Biancardi International Relations of GSE (Energy Services Manager) who they provided an overview of the activities of the respective realities of belonging dwelling on the great opportunities that the Energy Transition also offers in terms of cooperation between the two countries.

Subsequently, after the intervention of Costas Katsaros, Founder Partner of Emilianides Katsaros Law Firm who focused on the international regulatory framework in the sector was the turn of Marco Piredda, Senior Vice President International Affairs MENA America, Asia Pacific of ENI SpA which underlined the strategic nature of the East Med Area both in terms of new discoveries and explorations and in terms of prospects for increasing energy demand. Piredda also focused on the importance of the energy mix and, in particular, of natural gas for decarbonisation and on the need, from the point of view of the oil companies, to identify markets capable of absorbing the considerable abundance of supply of this energy resource.

Finally Mario Franchin, Senior Vice President Commercial Global Solution, SNAM SpA, confirming the growing importance of the Eastern Mediterranean area, has emphasized the role of SNAM as leader in the design and construction of natural gas liquefaction plants and on which the Republic of Cyprus has long had developed intervention lines aimed at guaranteeing the storage and export of raw materials. Franchin then concluded by also recalling SNAM’s interest in hydrogen as a resource to be combined with others to achieve those principles of sustainable development and energy reliability brought to the attention of global public opinion.

The conclusion of the works was then entrusted to Federico Franchina, Coordinator of the Energy and Shipping Committee of the Italo Cypriot Chamber of Commerce who focused on the great opportunities that the Energy Transition offers to Italian companies in the sector, focusing on the important local support function offered by the Chamber.

In the margins of the conclusions a short presentation was then made about EMC 2020 Cyprus, important Oil and Gas Expo to be held in Cyprus at April 2020 in relation to which favourable conditions have been reserved for members of the Italo Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

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Sintesi Business Network recognized as CYPRIOT-ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

The Service Conference held in Rome on Wednesday 11 December among the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Unioncamere, approved the registration of Sintesi Business Network in the Register of Italian and Foreign Chambers of Commerce under the name of CAMERA DI COMMERCIO ITALO CIPRIOTA.

This is an important recognition of the activity of promotion and development of economic, commercial and professional relations between Italy and the Republic of Cyprus carried out in recent years by the association lead by the President Mr. Giuseppe Marino. Since the beginning, the association counted on the important support and collaboration of the institutions of both countries becoming, through the years, the main point of reference for business development on the Italian-Cypriot axis.

The new status of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE consolidates and strengthens the activities so far developed in supporting the associated companies of both countries. In addition, it also certainly represents a new impulse in terms of activities and synergies with the institutions and the local chambers.

For info on the activities and on the 2020 programming of the CYPRIOT-ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and on the organizational news, send an email to: segreteria@sintesinetwork.com

Energy Sector: Important Agreement Sintesi Business Network – Emc 2020 Cyprus.

Sintesi Business Network, as Cypriot-Italian Business Association, is pleased to announce the definition of an important agreement with the organizing committee of EMC 2020 Cyprus (www.emc-cyprus.com), one of the most important events in the Oil and Gas sector in the Mediterranean Region, now associated with the 2nd Cypriot-Italian Business Forum, focused this year precisely on Energy Transition and the Italy Cyprus Cooperation Opportunities, which will be held in Rome on December 13th at the Tonucci & Partners International Law Firm with the presence of important representatives of institutions and of the main Italian and Cypriot companies in the sector.

This agreement, in addition to the institutional presence of the Association at EMC 2020 that will be held in Cyprus from 7th to 9th April 2020, provides for the application of a discount dedicated to the members interested to join in the event who will indicate it during registration through the following links:

Book your Stand

Delegate Registration

Sintesi Business Network, born as international association particularly focused on research, study and analysis of legal and tax matters in international corporate consulting area has oriented later its focus on the promotion and development of economic, commercial and professional relations between Italy and the Republic of Cyprus, consolidating its presence as Cypriot-Italian Business Association.

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Sintesi at the XXV AIGA National Congress.

The XXV National Congress of the Italian Young Lawyers Association held at the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Messina from 17 to 19 October saw this year the participation of Sintesi Business Network in two workshops respectively on “Internationalization of Business in the New Global Context: Focus on Cyprus and on Cross-Border Extraordinary Transactions within the EU and Extra EU” and “Internationalization and Profession: The AIGA path”.

The agenda was particularly dense of interventions that after the introduction of Giuseppe Marino, International Company Lawyer and Secretary General of Sintesi Business Network, in the morning were opened by Giuseppe Mongiello, Chartered Accountant and Partner of Tonucci & Partners International Law Firm based in Rome which outlined an overall picture on “Internationalization of Business and International Corporate Law” focusing particularly on the multiple opportunities offered to young lawyers by the processes of business internationalization.

Following Giuseppe Marino as Secretary General of the Cypriot-Italian Business Association together with Costas Katsaros, Lawyer and Founder Partner of Emilianides Kastaros Law Firm based in Nicosia (CY), one of the most important firms in Cyprus, presented Cyprus as a fast developing country in the Center of the Mediterranean, focusing both on the economic sectors that offer the greatest opportunities in the country, including Energy, Shipping and Infrastructures, and also on the legal and tax system of the Island today more than ever attractive for investments and foreign settlements.

The morning session ended with the presentation of Marianna Carandente, Legal Advisor of Ortenzi Consulting Firm based in Rome who dealt with “Extraordinary Transborder Transactions in the EU and Extra EU”, who focused particularly on the crossborder mergers and on the effects of the same, deepening also the practical aspects of such operations as well as the most recent jurisprudence on the subject.

After the busy schedule of the morning, the work then continued in the afternoon, introduced and moderated by Valentina Billa, National Responsible of the Internationalization Department of AIGA, who in addition to presenting with the colleague of the Internationalization Department Francesco Memmi, the AIGA convention with ICE represented by Dott. Giovanni Mafodda from related Marketing and Coordination Office asked to the other speakers Giuseppe Salsarulo of the AIJA Executive Committee, Angela Bonacina, AIGA contact person in Frankfurt, Francesco Scalia, representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, Giuseppe Marino, Founder Partner of Business Networking to tell and share their international experiences in various countries.

At the end of the workshops, ample space was given to networking and the questions to the individual speakers who saw the great interest in the manifold subjects.

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Shipping & The Law, Naples 9-10 October 2019.

The annual Shipping and the Law conference, this year entitled “The Shock of the New” was held in Naples on October 9 and 10 in the evocative setting of the Sala dei Baroni at the Maschio Angioino certainly on of the most important international level held in Italy in the field of Shipping.

The event, sponsored by the most important sector institutions, saw the participation of some of the most important international companies in the sector and was treated as usual by the Law Firm Lauro.

At the center of the debate, as pointed out by Avv. Francesco S. Lauro, “the challenges that the great and pressing political, economic, technological and regulatory changes will pose not only to the world of maritime industry, but also to the entire economy and international trade over the next decade, up to 2030 and beyond”.

Among the many participants will be the international leaders of the shipowners’ associations: the president Esben Poulsson and the vice-president Emanuele Grimaldi, of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS); the elect president of the European Community Shipowners Associations (ECSA) and member of the Stena group Claes Berglund and the past presidents John Lyras and Thomas Rehder; the president of Confitarma Mario Mattioli and that of the Young Shipowners Group Giacomo Gavarone.

Particularly interesting among the others was the report on the international scenario by the vice president of the Istituto Affari Internazionali, former Chief of Staff for Defense, General Vincenzo Camporini, who spoke on the international geopolitical balance with the intervention entitled “Evolution or Revolution?”.

Sintesi Business Network, as Cypriot-Italian Business Association, was present at the event considering it particularly interesting from the point of view of the development and consolidation of international relations in a sector of particular interest to various associates.

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3rd “Cyprus Healthcare Conference Gala”, 26th September Nicosia.

On 26th September at the European University of Nicosia, the 3rd “Cyprus Healthcare Conference Gala” was held in the presence of the Cypriot Minister of Health S.E. Constantinos Ioannou.

The health sector will be one of the areas of greatest development in Cyprus also following the introduction in March 2019 of the new National Health System which led and activated, among other things, the ublication of various contracts.

Marina Mannucci present for Sintesi, Cypriot Italian Business Association representing the General Secretary Giuseppe Marino, took part in the conference in consideration of the great importance of the sector in the development of the commercial relations between the two countries and of the membership of several associated companies.

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Important Collaboration Agreement SINTESI – MED AGENDA 2025.

On September 5 2019, Mr. Giuseppe Marino, Secretary General of SINTESI BUSINESS NETWORK and Mr. Marco Florian, International Cooperation and Infrastructural Project Manager of the GREEK-ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THESSALONIKI signed an important collaboration agreement aimed at the development of a synergic action plan for the promotion of economic, industrial, commercial and scientific cooperation between Italy, Cyprus and Greece in the context of the MED AGENDA 2025 platform.

The partnership will be particularly focused on the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Shipping;
  • Technology;
  • Research and development.

For information and insights on activities and projects in collaboration with MED AGENDA 2025 write to: segreteria@sintesinetwork.com

Planning Document Shipping Committee.

The Planning Document of the Shipping Committee of Sintesi, Cypriot Italian Business Association coordinated by Federico Franchina, was released on July 31st at the Italian and Cypriot sector institutions.

It is a document created with the contribution of some of the main sector operators on the Italy Cyprus axis, in which the vision in terms of future development and cooperation in the area between the two countries is highlighted, as well as the action plan proposed by the Cypriot-Italian Business Association.

To receive a copy of the document and to get information about the activities of the Association write to: segreteria@sintesinetwork.com

Participation at Presentation Conference of CMMI (Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute) Larnaca, 16th July.

In a social event successfully organized by the Municipality of Larnaca on the 16th of July in Ancient Kition in Larnaca under the auspices of the Shipping Deputy Minister, has been officially announced the winning of the MaRITeC-X/CMMI project proposal and also have been provided more information to the public on the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI).

The CMMI which will be based in Larnaca will be an independent, international, scientific and business Centre of Excellence for Marine and Maritime activities. It will carry out research, technological evelopment, and innovation activities (RTDI) to provide practical solutions to the challenges that the marine and maritime industry, and society, face or will face in the future.The proposal for the creation of the CMMI was submitted to the European Commission in November 2018 under the HORIZON 2020 Programme, Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Call and was eventually awarded the grant.

The Municipality of Larnaca is the coordinator of this project and the rest of the partners are the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean, the Cypriot companies SignalGeneriX and GeoImaging, the Irish research organizations, Marine Institute of Ireland and SmartBay Ireland and the British research institute, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute.

At the beginning of the event, the Mayor of Larnaca, Mr. Andreas Vyras underlined the continuous efforts of the Municipality towards the materialization of this ground-breaking project which is aligned with the Municipality’s Strategy “Larnaca, Blue City”. The latter aims at transforming Larnaca into a Regional Blue Economy, Education, Training and Research Centre and at promoting the Integrated Maritime Policy of the EU. In this context, Mr. Vyras stressed the role of this centre in reengineering the marine and maritime RTDI and entrepreneurship ecosystem and in supporting the socio-economic transformation of the island.

Afterwards, the Shipping Deputy Minister, Mrs. Natasa Pilides took the floor and congratulated first all the project partners for the success of the CMMI proposal.

Ms. Pilides then described the strategic advantages of Cyprus, highlighting the important position of the Cypriot shipping at European and global levels. She stressed that the development of RTDI activities is key to the sustainability and growth of the Cyprus maritime cluster, advocating that this Centre of Excellence would perform such activities and boost entrepreneurship by promoting closer cooperation and synergies between the maritime industry and the academic community at a global level. In closing her speech, Mrs. Pilides expressed her full support to this project, as it is expected to have multiple growth benefits for the country.

The keynote speaker of the event, the MIT Professor Nicholas Makris began his speech by making a historical overview, whereby he explained the importance of marine engineering in tackling the challenges people were facing in relation to the sea.

Then, the Director of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI), Professor Damon Teagle took the floor and described the mission of SMMI, its areas of activity and the research it conducts.

In addition, he presented the challenges that the global marine and maritime industry is currently facing and will continue to face in the future, placing particular emphasis on the need for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships and for the implementation of more environmentally friendly solutions.

Last but not least, Professor Teagle analyzed the technological trends that currently prevail and are expected to shape the future of shipping, such as the use of robots, autonomous systems, big data analytics and cyber-security.

The last speaker of the event and representative of the Municipality of Larnaca, Mr. Andreas Karakatsanis, presented the plan for the establishment of the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute, explaining the vision and objectives of the Centre, its fields of activities and areas of expertise. Furthermore, he described the legal nature of the Centre, its organizational structure as well as the infrastructure that will be created for CMMI.

Mr. Karakatsanis also provided a timetable according to which CMMI is expected to achieve full sustainability by the end of 2024. Furthermore, he pointed out that the Centre will develop synergies with the Larnaca and Limassol Blue Clusters in support of the Blue Economy. Finally, he thanked all the stakeholders for their significant contribution to the project and stressed that CMMI would be open to collaborations that promote Blue Growth.

The General Secretary Giuseppe Marino, took part in the conference in consideration of the great importance of the sector in the development of the commercial relations between the two countries and of the membership of several associated companies.

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Conference in Palermo on the Construction and Infrastructure Sector in Cyprus.

The conference entitled “Cyprus: a New Opportunity for Italian Builders and Sector Professionals” was held on June 27th in Palermo, organized by Ance Giovani Palermo in collaboration with Sintesi, Cypriot Italian Business Association.

The works, moderated by the Vice President ANCE Giovani Palermo Agostina Porcaro, were opened by the intervention of the Honorary Consul of Cyprus in Sicily, Sebastiano Provenzano, who also read a message specially sent to those present by the Ambassador of Cyprus in Italy SE Minas A. Hadjimichael.

After the institutional greetings by Fabio Sanfratello, President of Ance Palermo, Vincenzo Di Dio, President of the Order of Engineers of Palermo and Francesco Miceli, President of the Order of Architects of Palermo, the interventions of Giuseppe Marino, company lawyer and Secretary General of Sintesi, Cypriot-Italian Business Association, which provided an overview of the construction and infrastructure sector in Cyprus and Massimiliano Masti, accountant and member of the Board of Sintesi Network, who illustrated the legislative-fiscal context and the operational aspects for Italian companies and professionals interested in Cyprus.

Before the conclusions it was then the turn of Gianluca Rizzo, entrepreneur and member of the Construction Committee of the Cypriot-Italian Business Association who told of his experience as an Italian entrepreneur in Cyprus, sharing his vision as a sector operator with the goal to represent a “best practice”.

The conference represented the first step in a collaboration path launched with Ance Giovani, in the course of which in the next few months a number of additional initiatives will be organized, including a trade mission in the planning phase in Cyprus next October which will be specifically addressed to builders, related companies and industry professionals.

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