Research, study and analysis with particular focus on the legal and tax matters in the international sphere.

  • Particularly on the basis of technical knowledge and experience gained by the associates, are conducted activities of analysis, study and research on the key issues related to international tax planning and asset management.
  • This research, supported in a concrete way both by professionals with years of experience in the relevant sectors and even from academia represents a real added value for the young and even for the most talented professionals being characterized by continuous updates and exchanges of work experience in the international field.

Promotion and Development Relations between Italy and Republic of Cyprus.

  • It develops activity of assistance, promotion and support for its members, professionals and companies active on the Italy-Republic in Cyprus axis, with particular focus to italian companies interested in Cyprus as local market as well as a reference hub of reference for the Middle East or other areas of the world.
  • It carries out a series of initiatives to favor its members directed to the interchange among the two countries and to promote the conclusion of new business, facilitating at the same time the communication and the contacts with institutions, local authorities and associations present in the territories.
  • It promotes workshops, events, networking and matchmaking events, technical seminars with the presence of speakers coming from the academic, business, professional and institutional world, in collaboration with its members and institutional partners.
  • It supports the companies in all the aspects of the internationalization process also assisting its members in the choice of the best local settlement (opening of branches, representative offices and owned subsidiaries) and providing basic legal and tax assistance.
  • It provides skills on how to operate in the international field, through targeted training interventions to companies and professionals, also through training courses to be carried out in collaboration with the main italian and foreign universities.