Conference on the Silk Road in Genoa.

The conference entitled “THE NEW WAY OF SILK: A DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR GENOA AND ITALY” took place at Palazzo San Giorgio in the Sala del Capitano on June 13th.

It was an event organized by Confassociazioni that was moderated by Eugenio Novario, President of Confassociazioni Liguria with prominent names such as Lucio Caracciolo of the Italian Geopolitical Magazine “Limes”, Fabio Indeo of the Center for Energy Governance and Security Seoul, Alessia Amighini of the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) as well as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Liguria Tommaso Pallavicino and Alberto Bradanini former Ambassador for Italy in Iran and China and President of the Center for Contemporary China Studies (CSCC).

Marina Mannucci present for Sintesi, Cypriot Italian Business Association, in representation of the General Secretary Giuseppe Marino, she attended the conference in consideration of the interest of the association in the deepening and the possible support of all the initiatives concerning the Cypriot-Italian axis.

During the conference, in addition to the analysis of the current situation and the expansion projects of the bilateral exchange CORRIDORS, the shared will emerged between the various countries involved to increase the already existing SILK ROADS, moving further away from the romantic idea of a single away and projecting itself towards the new concept of BELT & ROAD certainly dimensionally and strategically among the most important projects of our century.

In the second part, the conference saw in connection from Thessaloniki, Marco Florian Enad in rappresentative of Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki, Sotirios Theofanis CEO of the Port Authority of Thessaloniki and from Cyprus, Harris Samaras CEO of Pytheas Group.

The conclusions were than entrusted to the President of Confassociazioni Angelo Deiana.

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