Conference on Business Internationalization in the New Global Scenario

On May 4, in Gioia Tauro, as part of the training activities of the local Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, was held the Conference on “Business Internationalization in the New Global Scenario” curated by Sintesi Business Network within the institutional training activity addressed to Professional Orders.

After the greetings of Dr. Pietro Paolo Germanò, vice-president of the ODCEC of Palmi intervened in representation of the President Antonio Repaci, there were three presentations, particularly dense of contents, related to some matters of relevant importance for professionals always more involved daily with international matters.

Particularly, Dr. Giuseppe Marino, International Consultant and General Secretary of Sintesi Business Network, after having focused on the role of the Association in supporting professionals for the optimal management of the needs of their client in the field of internationalization, has held his presentation on “Establishment and Management of Foreign Companies in the New International Regulatory Context” also analyzing the changes introduced by the last Italian Budget Law and providing an overview of the current status of application of the OECD conventions as well as the latest Anti-Money Laundering Directives.

Avv. Federico Franchina, International Law Transport and Trade Law Expert, member of the Scientific Committee of Sintesi Business Network then held his presentation on the New Customs Code of the European Union, deepening the operational and functional aspects as well as the related tax aspects and also focusing on the central role that the law has foreseen for the new figure of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) in the management of all customs processes.

Finally, Dr. Filippo Quattrone, Business Consultant and Partner of Sintesi Business Network,held his relation on “The Processes of Transcoding and Accounting Integration of Foreign Data”, a topic of particular importance for companies that develop foreign operations, particularly through branches, but generally of relevant importance for control and centralized management of all activities in the international sphere.

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