On April 27, 2017 starting at 3.00 p.m., the conference on “Modelli, Strumenti e Supporti per l’Internazionalizzazione di Impresa” will be held at the Aula Magna Corte d’Appello in Messina, co-organized by Sintesi Business Network, Sicindustria Messina and the local professional Orders of Lawyers and Accountants.

The purpose of the conference is to deepen and analyze the internationalization process, focusing on the main opportunities for companies and professionals.

Dr. Giuseppe Marino, Secretary General of Sintesi Business Network, will participate in the meeting with a  speech dedicated to the “Setting up and Management of Foreign Companies in the new international regulatory framework“.

For more information and to proceed with registration, please send an email to: segreteria@sintesinetwork.com