Research, study and analysis with particular focus on the legal and tax matters in the international sphere.

  • Particularly on the basis of technical knowledge and experience gained by the associates, are conducted activities of analysis, study and research on the key issues related to international tax planning and asset management.
  • This research, supported in a concrete way both by professionals with years of experience in the relevant sectors and even from academia represents a real added value for the young and even for the most talented professionals being characterized by continuous updates and exchanges of work experience in the international field.

International Professional Networking.


  • The continuous exchange of experience in the international arena with professionals working in the five continents is the basis of the networking activity of the Association that allows members, with the support of the board and the various committees to better develop the local and international business benefiting from the consolidated relational network of the Association that represents in this area as a “business accelerator” and at the same time has a “protection” function in relation to the several pitfalls that can occur in professional and business environment.

Research, Analysis and selection of best professionals in the interest areas.


  • The pursuit of excellence in the professional field is one of the targets of the Association who constantly search on an international scale the best partners in the various areas of interest. Identify the best counterpart takes time, analytical skills and deep knowledge of the areas and target markets on a global scale because it is no longer enough act in a localist perspective.

Promotion and Development Relations between Italy and Republic of Cyprus.



  • Promotion and development of professional and commercial economic relations between Italy and Republic of Cyprus is one of the focus of the Association which carries out many activities in this regard in partnership with Institutions, Bodies, Associations, Professional and Commercial Operators in the two countries.